Detailed information about selected course/program
EU code
13.2 - Physics
5 - Academic staff
Universitá degli Studi de Padova, Italy
Physics and Astronomy (1 month)
Visiting teaching staff at the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Italian or English
Language requirements
Italian or English language knowledge/Conoscenza dell'Italiano o dell'Inglese
Academic requirements
Lecturer in an officially recognized Moroccan higher education institution.
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1 months between Sep 1 2016 and Jul 14 2017
Contact person
Servizio Relazioni Internazionali - Elisa Zambon (
Additional information
For administrative support on the application, evaluation and selection process you must contact Ms Elisa Zambon, while for scientific guidance during your application (research agreement, invitation letter, availability of research topics, etc.) please contact directly the Direction of the Department (you can find the email contact in the Home page of the Department). Pre-admission/invitation letter is not mandatory for UNIPD. Please upload an empty document instead in order to “close” your application. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE UNIVERSITY INFORMATION SHEET in AL IDRISI website (under Partnership, Partner Universities).