Detailed information about selected course/program
EU code
1.6 - Forestry
1 - Undergraduate
Universit√° degli Studi de Padova, Italy
Forestry and environmental Technology (6 months)
Exchange Bachelor (6 months) at the School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine
Italian or English
Language requirements
Please check the language the course units you choose are held in. Depending on the language the course units you listed in your Learning Agreement are taught in, you must provide an Italian or an English language proof of knowledge, at least B2 Level. You can prove your language knowledge with the following documents: language certificates,certificate of attendance of a language course, transcript of records containing passed language courses
Academic requirements
Proof of registration in a Bachelor course of relevant area and Learning Agreement listing the course units you wish to take at UNIPD. Please be aware that the Learning Agreement is very important and it must be filled in carefully!
Bachelor students can attend both Bachelor and Master level course units at the relevant School. While UNIPD offers a large number of Master level course units held in English, the Bachelor level courses are mostly held in Italian language. Please check the link under "Homepage" section to see the academic offer in English. If you are also interested in the academic offer in Italian language please visit this link:
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6 months between Sep 1 2016 and Mar 31 2017
Contact person
International Relations Office - Administrative support (
Additional information
Course based in Legnaro - Campus Agripolis. The list of course units refers to academic year 2015/16, course units or semesters may cheange next academic year. If you are an exchange Bachelor applicant registered at least in the 3rd year during your mobility period (hence registered in the 2nd year at the time of application), please bear in mind that you will be able to attend also Master level course units at all the Schools of UNIPD. The full list of course units and the list of course units held in English language are available at the following link: - In order to see if a course unit belongs to a Bachelor or a Master course, please go to the page of the course unit and check the first line (Degree course). First cycle degree means Bachelor, Second cycle degree means Master.