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13.3 - Chemistry
4 - Post-Doc
University of Leuven, Belgium
Postdoc position: Multicomponent reactions under continuous flow
Language requirements
Good knowledge of English.
Academic requirements
Applicants must hold a PhD in Chemistry - Organic Synthesis.
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Microflow chemistry provides unique opportunities for the design of innovative reaction methodology as it opens up a road to reagents that are traditionally not desirable in batch conditions. Common examples are reagents that are dangerous to work with (because of toxicity or because of their exothermic formation/decomposition), foul smelling or extremely short lived compounds. Microflow chemistry allows to generate small amounts of these components in situ (possibly followed by an inline purification step) and to periscope them into a multicomponent reaction. Multicomponent chemistry in a single step gives access to (biassed) libraries of compounds with applications in diverse fields.
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6 months between Sep 15 2014 and Mar 15 2015
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Prof. Wim Deborggraeve (
Additional information
From a technological point of view, the group is equipped with microflow reactor setups, a high pressure milliflow reactor (for performing reactions with gasses such as carbon monoxide (CO insertion/amide formation)), a membrane separator for inline extractions, a tube in tube reactor for diazomethane chemistry and a set of in house reactors for reactions at elevated temperatures. These technologies will be combined to generate biassed libraries that can tackle the VWF-GPIb alpha interaction.