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EU code
8.2 - Theology
3 - PhD
University of Leuven, Belgium
Theology and Religious Studies
PhD position: Towards the Inter-texting of Hindu and Judeo-Christian Canonical Texts. A Comparative-Theological Approach
Language requirements
Good knowledge of English.
Academic requirements
A Master of Advanced Studies in Theology, giving direct admission to the KU Leuven doctoral programme is required. Given the aims and methodological requirements of the project, the candidate is expected a) to have demonstrable knowledge of the theology of religions, in particular of the Comparative-theological approach, b) to have a very good working knowledge of both Sanskrit and of Biblical Hebrew or Greek.
Max available positions
The project has a two-fold objective. First, it aims at enhancing comparative-theological research by developing an analytical methodological framework for the kind of ‘inter-texting’ of texts which the approach advocates. The project secondly aims at bringing into dialogue key texts from Hinduism and the Judeo-Christian tradition. The project has the objective of introducing a historical methodological step in comparative theology, on the basis of the premise that the latter cannot be properly understood without taking in consideration the historical context in which they have been produced as well as the historical circumstances in which they have been received and interpreted. In our estimation, comparative theology too often treats texts as decontextualized and a-historic artifacts. In particular, the project’s objective is to introduce a cognitive-semantic analysis of religious language in comparative theology.
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36 months between Jul 15 2014 and Jul 14 2017
Contact person
Prof. Dr. Pierre Van Hecke (
Additional information
The project will be supervised in Leuven by Prof. Pierre Van Hecke (KU Leuven), specialist in cognitive linguistics and in the analysis of the Hebrew Bible, by Prof. Marianne Moyaert (VU Amsterdam/KU Leuven), specialist in comparative theology, and Dr. Joris Gielen (KU Leuven), specialist in Indian Religions. Partnerships with specialists from the candidate’s home university will be established in the project. Additional funding by the faculty for a fourth year is possible after positive evaluation.If you would like to know more details of the content of this project, please contact Prof. Dr. Van Hecke.