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6.9 - Others - Engineering, Technology
5 - Academic staff
University of Leuven, Belgium
Chemical Engineering
Academic staff exchange: Wastewater Mining by Membrane Technology
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Good knowledge of English.
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This proposal aims at a radical change in the wastewater paradigm towards wastewater ‘mining’, i.e., combining water recycling with fractionation and purification of organic and inorganic waste compounds present in wastewater. The strategy that will be followed here is to produce pure fractions of each constituent present in the wastewater. Fractionation will occur by a sequence of integrated separation processes with emphasis on membrane processes. The overall aim is to develop an integrated non-biochemical system for total fractionation and valorization of wastewater, producing no secondary waste. This will be achieved by a combination of tailoring relatively mature processes to extend their applicability, and the study of newer processes in novel conditions. The aim is to produce phosphates, salt crystals, and organic base chemicals, in addition to pure water. The change in paradigm reflects a long-term vision on wastewater as a resource of materials and will lead to a platform to implement this novel way
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1 months between Feb 15 2015 and Mar 15 2015
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Prof. Bart Van der Bruggen (