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13.1 - Biology
3 - PhD
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Biology PhD
Plasticity of the Nervous System
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English, certificate (preferred) or shown by interview
Academic requirements
Master Biomedical Sciences
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Emotionally arousing events are remembered well in general. An important question is why some individuals remember these events better than others. This topic is directly aimed to get a better understanding of risk factors to develop cognitive deficits such as PTSD or anxiety. Epidemiologic studies suggest that early life events might increase the risk to develop psychopathology (e.g. depression, but also anxiety) at later age. We therefore use animal studies which allow direct analysis of how early life events and maternal care affect synapses, sensitivity of synapses and memory processes at adult age. Our research combines molecular, biochemical, electrophysiological, live-imaging and 3D reconstruction techniques to examine synaptic function in combination with behavioral techniques in relevant (transgenic) animal models to examine early life experience and emotional and cognitive abilities in rodents.
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34 months between Jul 1 2014 and May 1 2017
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Harm Krugers (
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Applicants must be in contact with the supervisor before applying