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EU code
12.5 - Pharmacy
4 - Post-Doc
University of Leuven, Belgium
Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences
Postdoc exchange: Medicinal plants and natural products
Language requirements
Good knowledge of English.
Academic requirements
Applicants must hold a PhD in a relevant field, preferably a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Max available positions
Based on ethnopharmacological use, extracts of plants traditionally used for the treatment of disease will be tested in vitro for biological activity. Preference is given to plants with solid evidence for clinical efficacy where the active compounds have not yet been identified. Presently available bioassays include: antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anthelmintic, antibiofilm, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anti-ageing, and analgesic activity, but additional assays are under development. The bioactive components will be purified from active extracts by bioassay-guided purification, and their structure solved by a combination of high-resolution mass spectrometry and NMR. This will put the use of traditional phytopharmaceuticals on a firm scientific footing, and permit the standardization and quality control of these preparations. Building on these results and depending on the interest and capabilities of the candidate, follow-up research is possible on the mechanisms of action of the active compounds,
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6 months between Sep 15 2014 and Mar 15 2015
Contact person
Prof. Walter Luyten (