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EU code
13.3 - Chemistry
3 - PhD
University of Leuven, Belgium
PhD exchange: New chiral heterahelicenes
Language requirements
Good knowledge of English.
Academic requirements
Applicants must hold a Msc in Chemistry - Molecular Design and Synthesis
Max available positions
In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in chiral catalysts with specific properties. In most cases, the synthesis and purification of these catalysts is cumbersome and expensive, and the effectivity of chiral induction may be limited. Helicenes are polycyclic compounds consiting of ortho-annelated aromatic or heterocyclic rings and may offer a solution as designer catalysts. Because of steric hindrance, these molecules cannot adopt a planar conformation. In this project, the methods developed earlier in the laboratory will be adopted to prepare a multigram amount of helicene and we will resolve these into the enantiomers using different approaches. Techiques learned: Use of transition-metal catalysis, optimalisation of reaction conditions, organic synthesis and characterisation (NMR, MS, IR, UV, etc..). HPLC chiral separations.
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12 months between Sep 15 2014 and Sep 15 2015
Contact person
Prof. Wim Dehaen (
Additional information
The applicant should be a PhD student in his/her home country. For visiting PhD-students, a sandwich PhD could be considered, in agreement with the local promoter.