Detailed information about selected course/program
EU code
7.2 - Environmental Sciences, Ecology
3 - PhD
Lund University, Sweden
The department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Science
PhD in Physical Geography
Language requirements
Higher academic English
Academic requirements
MSc in Pysical Geography, hydrology, GIS, Remote Sensing, or equivalent
Max available positions
Climate change and hydrology are highly linked. At the department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Science we are studying the impact of climate change on hydrology, vegetation, and exchange of greenhouse gases. Tools to do this are e.g. GIS, remote sensing, and ecosystem modelling. Now we want to extend the research to semi-arid environments, e.g. in the Middle East, and together with the Centre for Middle Eastern studies at Lund University start a project involving a PhD student.
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36 months between Aug 1 2014 and Dec 31 2017
Contact person
Petter Pilesjö (
Additional information
THe PhD student will get a PhD in Physical Geography but also work together with researchers from the Centre for Middle Eastern studies. Hopefully we are able to award a double degree, where the students also gets a PhD in Middle Estarn Studies. Also lo