Detailed information about selected course/program
EU code
12.9 - Others - Medical Sciences
2 - Master
University of Trieste, Italy
Environmental Biology
Master in Environmental Biology
English and Italian
Language requirements
English B1
Academic requirements
3 year university 1st level degree (BSc) or equivalent in biology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy (or equivalent). This mobiity is open to only exchange students, and NOT to degree-seeking students.
Max available positions
It aims to strengthen the knowledge of biology and natural sciences. Special attention is given to morpho-functional and ecophysiological adaptation of living organisms to contrasting habitats. Both theoretical lessons and practical activites aim to provide examples of experimental and monitoring techniques, data elaboration and interpretation, experimental design and implementattion.
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9 months between Sep 29 2014 and Jun 30 2015
Contact person
prof. Guidalberto Manfioletti (
Additional information
Some courses are offered ONLY in the 1st semester and others ONLY in the 2nd. Please note that the English courses are taught ONLY in the 1st semester, while the courses of the 2nd semester are in Italian. Before applying, please turn to the contact person for further details.