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13.6 - Biochemistry
3 - PhD
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Molecular Biology
PhD in Applied Mathematics
Language requirements
English - Assessment in interview and written letter
Academic requirements
Molecular Biology/Biochemistry student with experience in/affinity for computational sciences/systems biology
Max available positions
Intracellular pH as a growth regulatory signal (Orij et al., Genome Biology 2012). Changes in intracellular pH control changes in growth rate. In this project we will investigate how the biophysical proton signal integrates with signal transduction and metabolism, using a systems biology approach. We will determine how pHi affects signal transduction, primarily that involved in coupling nutritional status to cell growth (PKA, TOR), and how in turn this nutrient signaling affects pHi homeostasis. We will next assess how the in vitro kinetics of the signal transduction pathways is affected by pH. Lastly, we will investigate the mechanism by which the high energy metabolites of the inositol pyrophosphate calls affect cells growth and cell division, and elucidate how this process depends on pHi. This will allow the generation of a mathematical model that explains how pHi controls cell division and cell growth.
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34 months between Jul 1 2014 and May 1 2017
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Gertien Smits (