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EU code
13.3 - Chemistry
3 - PhD
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Life Sciences, Chemistry and Biology
PhD Research Program Biological Mass Spectrometry
Language requirements
Students must speak English fluently and have excellent communication and writing skills
Academic requirements
The ideal candidate has obtained a MSc degree in proteomics, biomolecular sciences or microbiology
Max available positions
Mass Spectrometry of Biomacromolecules (MSB) focuses in the context of biological mass spectrometry on three research themes that adhere to the study of molecular and structural biology. We study (i) adaptation of the cell surface proteome of fungi and bacteria, (ii) 3-D structures of protein complexes and (iii) multi-level control of gene expression regulation. MSB is developing advanced and innovative, mass spectrometry-based proteomics technology that is designed for these research areas and that is widely applicable in the field of molecular and structural biology. In the framework of our research program we have openings for Erasmus Mundus PhD laureates with interest in the priority Fields of Study 13.3 Chemistry, 13.4 Microbiology, Biotechnology and 13.6 Biochemistry. For further information see UvA home page prof.dr.C.G. de Koster.
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34 months between Jul 1 2014 and Jul 1 2017
Contact person
Prof.dr.C.G. de Koster (
Additional information
Applicants must be in contact with the supervisor before applying