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14.6 - International Relations, European Studies, Area Studies
2 - Master
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contemporary Asian Studies
Master's Contemporary Asian Studies
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During the programme you will focus on all the main regions of Asia, stressing the importance of looking at interconnections both within the vast Asian region and between Asian societies and other parts of the world. Academic research on Asian societies is becoming increasingly important, in terms of both its theoretical and practical relevance. How can we approach, in a rigorous academic manner, the many important issues that dominate today’s news, whether they be China’s and India’s economic transformation, high and low-skilled migration flows, political and social movements, or the global reach of Asian companies and the spread of Asian popular culture? The crucial importance of Asia for advancing and enriching contemporary theories and debates on transnationalism, citizenship, development, economic restructuration, mobility and many other issues is engaged and demonstrated throughout the programme.
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12 months between Sep 1 2014 and Aug 31 2015
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Sarah Kobus (
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Applicants must submit a complete application, including an English test score (for requirements see our website) and clear scan of their transcripts and diploma. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.