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EU code
13.4 - Microbiology, Biotechnology
3 - PhD
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Molecular and Cellular Microbiology
Molecular and Cellular Microbiology
Language requirements
English TOEFL 550 and assessed by phone interview
Academic requirements
M.Sc. in biochemistry, molecular biology or microbiology
Max available positions
Cell division is a vital process, yet we know surprisingly little how it works in bacteria. The aim of the PhD projects is to understand cell division in bacteria. The students will learn and use molecular genetics and biochemical techniques, and will become experienced in bacterial cell biology (advanced fluorescence microscopy). The research will be focused on key cell division proteins (e.g. SepF, FtsZ), and how these proteins interact with other cell division proteins in the cytoplasm and cell membrane. The students will also study the role of the membrane potential in cell division. The knowledge gained from this research will help to develop new antibiotics that target the cell division process, which is an ideal target for novel antibiotics. This is highly desirable when considering the alarming rise in multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens. This research will also support the development of a synthetic cell (synthetic biology), since it will define the proteins required for cell division.
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34 months between Jul 1 2014 and Jul 1 2017
Contact person
Prof Dr. Leendert Hamoen (
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Applicants must be in contact with the supervisor before application