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14.2 - Sociology
2 - Master
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Master's Sociology: Urban Sociology
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For the first time in history, the majority of humanity lives in cities. We live in an urban world. Urban Sociology provides you with the analytical tools to understand how conditions in urban environments affect the feelings, ideas, relations, and opportunities of their inhabitants. Urban Sociology posits that urban areas possess unique attributes (numbers, density, diversity, mobility) that shape all aspects of social life. These ‘urban attributes’ affect the thoughts and feelings of individuals, their relations to strangers, friends, and colleagues. You will also explore the ways in which institutions operate, and the kinds of economic opportunities available to individuals and groups operating in the city which are also affected by urban attributes. During the programme you will examine the contemporary forces that are making cities bigger, more diverse and more fluid than ever; and the effects of these conditions on various aspects of social life.
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12 months between Sep 1 2014 and Aug 31 2015
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Sarah Kobus (
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Applicants must submit a complete application, including an English test score (for requirements see our website) and clear scan of their transcripts and diploma. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.