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14.2 - Sociology
2 - Master
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Master's Sociology: Social Problems and Social Policy
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Social Problems and Social Policy offers you insight into the ways in which social problems are defined and tackled within contemporary welfare states, analysing the roles ascribed to citizens, professionals and other stakeholders within these processes. It considers the recent histories of various policy approaches and puts these in a comparative European context. Social Problems and Social Policy combines a broad foundation of sociological theory and research methods training with a more specific focus on the construction of social problems and attempts by policymakers to solve these. The different components of the programme combine to enhance your skills in applying social theory to deconstruct contemporary social issues from a range of critical perspectives. The istinctive qualities of the programme are in its combining of constructionist perspectives with applied, case-oriented approaches to evaluate policy effectiveness.
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12 months between Sep 1 2014 and Aug 31 2015
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Sarah Kobus (
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Applicants must submit a complete application, including an English test score (for requirements see our website) and clear scan of their transcripts and diploma. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.