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EU code
13.4 - Microbiology, Biotechnology
3 - PhD
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phd Life Sciences
Research Proposal Molecular Biology & Microbial Food Safety (FNWI) and Medical Microbiology (AMC)
Language requirements
Students must speak English fluently and have excellent communication and writing skills
Academic requirements
The ideal candidate has obtained a MSc degree in proteomics, biomolecular sciences or microbiology
Research proposal on - Screening, identification and characterization of novel antimicrobials from nature
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34 months between Jul 1 2014 and Jun 30 2017
Contact person
Prof. Dr. Stanley Brul (
Additional information
Future progress in the life sciences will heavily depend on the integration of knowledge from the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, (bio)informatics and biology. This Erasmus Mundus application call is based on the joint work of four collaborating research groups from the Swammerdam Institute. The research program of the (co) applicants is directed towards molecular systems biology of micro-organisms. The molecular systems biology program demands, amidst others, omics data such as transcriptomics and metabolomics (and their modeling), proteome-wide quantitative insight in protein synthesis- and degradation rates, and the resolution of the protein/macromolecule interaction networks of the cell. All four groups focus at the cellular level on an analysis of the response to environmental signals, be they from the extracellular or intracellular milieu, governing cell survival, growth, the formation of desired products, as well as unwanted microbial growth in food products and microbial infection.