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14.2 - Sociology
2 - Master
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Master's Sociology: Gender, Sexuality and Society
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It is generally accepted that differences between rich and poor, between skin colours, or between Christians and Muslims are undeniable factors in people’s lives. Functioning as a woman or a man, with particular sexual dispositions, holds comparable significance. Gender, Sexuality and Society is devoted to enhancing our understanding of the differences among groups of women and groups of men - as well as between women and men - in an era of globalisation. This programme offers a systematic attempt to address structurally embedded prescriptions concerning gender relations and sexual behaviour on a par with other analytical variables such as class, ethnicity, religion, age, or political ideology. Gender, Sexuality and Society aims to integrate the social and cultural imperatives that shape gendered identities and sexual relationships into the normal research repertoire of social scientists. Accordingly, you will learn how to incorporate a multidisciplinary and transnational approach.
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12 months between Sep 1 2014 and Aug 31 2015
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Sarah Kobus (
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