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14.2 - Sociology
2 - Master
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Master's Sociology: Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies
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Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies (COLS) offers a sociological perspective on the organisation of work processes, on the functioning of modern labour markets and of the governance of firms and other public or private organisations that form the locus of employment. The Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies programme provides you with a broad foundation of sociological theory and research training with a more specific focus on the organisation of work in contemporary societies. During this programme, you will study the modern world of work at various levels: the micro-level (e.g. workplace practices and human resource management); the meso level (e.g. employment relations or the governance of firms); and the macro level (e.g. bargaining between trade unions and employers associations, and the structure of labour market institutions and welfare states).
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12 months between Sep 1 2014 and Aug 31 2015
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Sarah Kobus (
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