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EU code
7.3 - Geology
3 - PhD
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Department of Earth Sciences
PhD Exchange in Cretaceous to Miocene stratigraphy of the Tarim Basin based on microfossil research
Language requirements
Participants should be fluent in both written and spoken English. Applicants from countries where English is not the language of instruction need to have obtained a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL test (or a score of at least 213 on a computer TOEFL test) or provide proof of an equivalent test or provide proof that part of their education was in English.
Academic requirements
basic knowledge in geology, geography or biology, willingness to work on a binocular microscope
Max available positions
The PhD student will perform micropalaeontological analysis of rocks and sediments from the Tarim Basin in NW China with the aim to establish the Cretaceous to Miocene stratigraphy of the material and to perform palaeoenvironmental assessments based on fossils. The research will improve our understanding of the palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographical evolution of the potentially westernmost region of the Paratethys. The study will be performed in close cooperation to Prof. Chenglin Liu from the Academy of Geological Sciences (Beijing, China).
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10 months between Oct 1 2014 and Aug 1 2015
Contact person
Steffen Mischke (