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13.2 - Physics
4 - Post-Doc
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Department of Physics
PostDoc in Concentrating optics for micro concentrator solar cells
Language requirements
Very good knowledge of English language (TOEFL 90+ pts or comparable);
Academic requirements
academic prerequisites: PhD in physics, chemistry or material science; Knowledge in nanostructure fabrication desirable; Responsible, independent working behavior
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Micro concentrator solar cells are a promising concept to enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) devices while reducing the material consumption. Whereas concentrator PV is already well known on the large scale, it still needs a lot of adaption for the micrometer size. An essential task is to adapt the optics for optimal concentration of solar light on micrometer-sized solar cells in accordance with their material specific and electrical boundary conditions. The project will cover both theory and experiment: Lens designs will initially be investigated in theory including ray tracing simulations. Then, lens arrays will also be fabricated and optically characterized which includes building up an according measurement setup. Adaptive optics for solving the light tracking challenges of concentrator solar cells open up a wide field for new ideas and the possibility of significant scientific progress.
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9 months between Oct 1 2014 and Jul 1 2015
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Martina Schmid (