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12.4 - Veterinary Medicine
3 - PhD
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Department of Veterinary Medicine
PhD Degree in Development of Marek’s disease virus (MDV) vaccines that do not induce immunosuppression
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English (excellent) - TOEFL > 90/120
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Master of Science
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Current commercial vaccines against Marek’s disease virus (MDV) have been shown to induce mild immunosuppression in vaccinated chickens. This immunosuppression (IS) reduced the immune response against Mycoplasma synoviae and likely affects the efficacy of other vaccines administered early in life. Furthermore, MDV vaccination has been shown to temporarily increase the susceptibility to E.coli and possibly also other pathogens. Despite these immunosuppressive effects, MDV vaccines are a vital tool in poultry production as they minimize the losses caused by MDV. We will set to develop novel vaccines and improve current vaccines to minimize the immunosuppressive effects, while providing complete protection against highly pathogenic MDV strains. This reduction of IS will likely enhance immune response against the plethora of vaccines that are administered early life of the chicken.
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36 months between Jul 15 2014 and Jul 14 2017
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Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kaufer (