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EU code
13.2 - Physics
2 - Master
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Department of Physics
Master Exchange in Optoelectronic modeling of nanoplasmonic solar cells
Language requirements
Good knowledge of English language (TOEFL 80+ pts or comparable)
Academic requirements
Bachelor in physics, preferably computational physics; Very good knowledge in programming / use of Matlab etc.
Max available positions
Plasmonic absorption enhancement in thin-film solar cells has attracted high interest recently. The related physicals effects are mostly investigated with a focus on their optical nature. Yet, for the successful integration in the photovoltaic device a simultaneous consideration of optical and electrical interactions is necessary. This project therefore focuses on the combination of optical modeling of plasmonic and photonic nanoparticles and the electrical simulation of a (Chalcopyrite) solar cell. Based on Mie theory, we calculate not only absorption and scattering from nanoparticles, but also the angular distribution of the scattered light and the electromagnetic near-fields. For the link to electric simulations multiple programs will be evaluated and the integration of optical simulation results implemented. The final goal is the electric simulation of a thin-film solar cell including plasmonic nanoparticles. The task is strongly reliant on programming in e.g. Matlab and requires according knowledge.
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6 months between Oct 1 2014 and Apr 1 2015
Contact person
Martina Schmid (