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12.1 - Medicine
3 - PhD
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Medical School - Charité - University Medicine Berlin
PhD Exchange in Vascular alterations: atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis
English or German
Language requirements
Participants should be fluent in both written and spoken English. Applicants from countries where English is not the language of instruction need to have obtained a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL test (or a score of at least 213 on a computer TOEFL test) or provide proof of an equivalent test or provide proof that part of their education was in English. Or equal knowledge of German.
Academic requirements
Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biotechnology or comparable
Max available positions
Vascular alterations like atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis are in focus of our research project. Under disease condition like chronic renal failure (CRF), the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases increases. We investigate cellular and molecular mechanisms using in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro assays. High density lipoprotein (HDL) has pleiotropic atheroprotective function that changes under disease condition. We investigates structural and functional modifications of HDL under different disease condition e.g. CRF and diabetes mellitus. Beside atherosclerosis, the progression of arteriosclerosis/vascular calcification occurs. Here, we try to identify cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to the transformation of vascular smooth muscle cells in the media of the vessel wall.
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10 months between Oct 1 2014 and Aug 1 2015
Contact person
Dr. Mirjam Schuchardt (