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EU code
14.6 - International Relations, European Studies, Area Studies
3 - PhD
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Department of History and Cultural Studies
PhD Degree in Arabic Studies
English or German
Language requirements
Participants should be fluent in both written and spoken English. Applicants from countries where English is not the language of instruction need to have obtained a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL test (or a score of at least 213 on a computer TOEFL test) or provide proof of an equivalent test or provide proof that part of their education was in English. Very good knowledge of Arabic also needed.
Academic requirements
MA in relevant field
Max available positions
Arabic Studies concerns the spoken language and written texts of the Arabic-speaking world. At the Free University of Berlin, Arabic Studies is a literary discipline that includes such subjects as Arabic poetry and prose literature of the pre-Islamic period to the present, as well as religious, philosophical, historical and geographical literature of Islamic culture as well as Jewish and Christian literature in Arabic.  Special emphasis is placed on the Koran as a key document of religious discourse in late antiquity, on the reception of classical antiquity in Arab culture, and finally, on modern literature as part of the process of global exchange. Focusses are the Quran as text or on classical Arabic literature. No focus at the moment on Arabic linguistics.
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36 months between Jul 15 2014 and Jul 14 2017
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R. Forster (