Detailed information about selected course/program
EU code
12.5 - Pharmacy
3 - PhD
University of Leuven, Belgium
Pharmaceutical Sciences
PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences
Language requirements
Good knowledge of English
Academic requirements
Applicants must hold a MSc in a relevant field, preferably a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Max available positions
Development of new antibiotics. The proposed project will focus on developing novel antibiotics that target aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (AaRS) using structure based drug design. The AaRS family plays a key role, for all life, in translating the genetic code. Different members are targets for naturally synthesized compounds but these products are unsuitable to be employed as a drug, and new analogues will be synthesized. The goal will be to attempt to increase uptake potential, improve stability and enhance both their specificity and inhibitory properties. The efforts will be multidisciplinary involving structure determination by X-ray crystallography to guide the compound development program, chemical synthesis of new derivatives, and additional biochemical and biophysical analyses. We are looking for 2 candidates: one position will focus on X-ray crystallography and biophysical analyses, while another position is available for medicinal chemistry and antibacterial activity evaluations.
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36 months between Jul 15 2014 and Jul 14 2017
Contact person
Prof. Arthur Van Aerschot (
Additional information
The EMINTE scholarship is provided for 36 months, which can be extended by the department up to a total maximum of 48 months, the maximum time to finish the PhD studies. The medchem project will be carried out in the medchem laboratories (prof. Van Aerschot), the structural project in the biocrystallography group (Dr. Weeks). Both groups will collaborate and have mutual meetings.