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EU code
16.2 - Leisure Studies
4 - Post-Doc
University of Deusto, Spain
Social and Human Sciences
Post-doc in LEISURE (culture, tourism, sport and recreation) AS A HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FACTOR
Spanish and English
Language requirements
Fluency in English is essential, knowledge of Spanish will be considered positively.
Academic requirements
PhD in Social and Human Sciences
The team’s research is based on a conception of leisure as a comprehensive experience and basic right which highlights its contribution to human development in the personal, social, cultural, economic and environmental spheres. This research area contains four priority subjects which aim to give an interdisciplinary response to the main challenges posed by leisure today: The leisure experience, persons’ social and individual well being, Leisure and social responsibility; Leisure and governance: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Taking into account the different agents involved in the experience (public, private and third sectors) and management of the different spheres of leisure (culture, tourism, sports and recreation), the implications of practices for the different groups (children, young people, adults and the elderly), as well as assessing the possible impact of the leisure experience on its environment are relevant transversal issues that form the “Leisure and Human Development” resea...
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6 months.
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Additional information
The Leisure and Human Development research group has been recognised by the Basque Government. Two of our nation-wide research plans have received official recognition and are backed by the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness.