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4.3 - Accountancy, Financial Management
2 - Master
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Business & Economics Sciences
Money and Finance
Language requirements
Students must present a certificate of their English language skills. Very good language skills refer to level B2 on the CERF scale of the European Language Portfolio Levels.
Academic requirements
For exchange students We think of money as one of biggest inventions of mankind. With widespread use of money finance was born. Nowadays all the economies are financial. Their financial systems have grown in their size and complexity. We see a wide array of financial institutions trading in complex financial assets on interdependent financial markets with a single aim of bringing together savers and investors in their desire of making the best use of their wealth. Development of financial systems has thus become a close companion of general economic development. At the top of these financial systems are modern central banks with a difficult task of using money as a steering wheel between the dangers of inflation and recessions. Good understanding of the mechanics of financial systems is of essence. The aim of the MSc in Money and Finance at FELU is to provide such understanding to students whose ambitions are to as skilled as their peers on international job market.
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10 months between Sep 22 2014 and Aug 1 2014
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