Detailed information about selected course/program
EU code
6.7 - Materials Science
2 - Master
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Wood science and technology (wood properties, wood protection, surface properties, wood adhesion, composites, marketing)
MsC program Wood Science and Technology
Language requirements
Advandced english knowledge
Academic requirements
The PhD candidates should start the procedure of recognition of their foreign higher education (diploma) before entry into the post-graduate study programme offered by the University of Ljubljana.
Max available positions
For degree seeking students. The programme stresses a topical research content of creating and modifying the quality of wood, the structure and properties of wood and biocomposites. A student will have the opportunity to supplement knowledge in the fields of basic wood properties, wood pests, wood protection, service life prediction, field testing, technologies of mechanical processing, the development of adhesives, modern processes of biotechnological and chemical processing of wood, and the development of new products, biocide and non-biocide protection of wood, use of nanomaterials in wood processing and development of the competitiveness of wood companies together with marketing of wood products and management of the wood processing companies.
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22 months between Aug 22 2014 and Aug 1 2016
Contact person
Miha Humar (